Welcome to the Parish Council website

Note that following the Parish name change the domain name used for the parish council website is froxfieldandprivett.org.uk. The domain name froxfieldwithprivett.org.uk is now obsolete and will expire at the end of March 2018, please amend your bookmarks.

Latest news – February 2nd 2018

Froxfield and Privett Parish Council is now in the HCC Parish Lengthsmen Scheme providing £1,000 worth of sign cleaning, ditch clearance, by-way maintenance and other village upkeep.

The Council

The modern civil parish of Froxfield comprises Froxfield and Privett, the relative Parishes being combined in 1932.

Froxfield and Privett Parish Council has eight elected and co-opted members who each year elect their Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Clerk who is appointed by the Council, is the only employee and acts as its Administrator and Responsible Financial Officer.

Council meetings

Meetings are normally held monthly and are open to parishioners who are welcome to attend and discuss their planning application or raise any other matters of interest at the start of the meeting. Anyone wishing to attend is asked to please kindly contact the Parish Clerk in advance. Where possible this period is restricted to 10 minutes.

Agendas and minutes will be posted on this site and on the notice boards at Privett Village Hall and Froxfield Village Stores.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 8th February 2018 in Froxfield Village Hall at 7.30pm. The agenda will be available here before the meeting.