Some History of Froxfield

Froxfield is first recorded in a grant of land of the tenth century. There were several prominent families associated with the parish - including the Love family, who held the estate of Basing Park for over 200 years from 1567 - and the Silvesters, who lived in Froxfield for 300 years.

Privett was included in the manor of West Meon until the seventeenth century when it was first recorded as a separate manor. The earliest mention of a chapel in Privett occurs in 1391, when reference is made to the fabric of Holy Trinity chapel. The present church dates from 1876-78 and was built on the site of the old church, of which nothing now remains.

Froxfield is a parish of irregular shape containing several small groups of houses, the principal settlement being at Froxfield Green, where the old church formerly stood. Petersfield station on the former London and South-Western Railway is about four miles from the Green, and reached from it by the road which winds up the steep wooded slopes of Stoner Hill, reaching a height of over 750 ft. above sea level at the eastern boundary of the parish.

The modern civil Parish of Froxfield was enlarged by the addition of Privett Parish in 1932. In 2013 the name of the Parish Council was officially changed to Froxfield and Privett.

Further historical references