Who are we?

Cllr. Peter Doyle (Chairman)
Cllr. David Rymer(Vice-Chairman)
Planning Officer
07976 248696
Cllr. Timothy Passingham
01730 858203
Cllr. John Ellis
Cllr. Chris Skinner
Lengthsman co-ordinator, Recreation/Playground.
Cllr. Philip Madgwick
Cllr. Rob Shepherd
Planning, PR, Froxfield and Privett Highways.
Cllr. Phoebe Hiscock
Froxfield and Privett Rights of Way, Use of Recreation Ground, Bonfire and Fireworks Co-ordinator.

Parish Clerk & RFO.

07555 062065

The councillors's register of interest forms are available via this link to the EHDC website.

our local HCC and EHDC reps are
Cllr. Russell Oppenheimer (HCC)
County Councillor H.C.C.
Cllr. Nick Drew (EHDC)
District Councillor E.H.D.C.

You can contact the Parish Council via post at the following address:
Froxfield & Privett Parish Council, Orchard Cottage, East Meon, Petersfield, Hants. GU32 1QD.